Exo Shower

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Exo Shower


The Exo Shower head uses small ionic balls of mineral to help soften and filter out the water that comes through your shower head. The small balls of mineral soften and filter your water by removing the calcium and magnesium ions from your water. The Exo Shower head is a high-pressure shower head, great for anyone with low water pressure! Since the Exo Shower head is high-pressure, in a way it is eco-friendly because people end up taking quicker showers. 


💧Removes Harmful Chemicals & Bacterias!

💧Increases Your Water Pressure by up to 2x!

💧Improves Hair & Skin Health!

💧Helps Decrease Water Usage by up to 30%!

💧Has 3 Different Modes!


3 Different Modes:

  • Rainfall
  • Massage
  • Mixed


    Revolutionary Shower Spray – Khareedo Desi




    ExoShower Kit: Includes ExoShower head, shower support/connector, 6-inch shower arm, and 1.5 m shower hose

    ExoShower w/ Hose & Holder: Includes ExoShower head, 1.5 m shower hose, and shower head holder